Monday, 23 February 2009

Oh Fuck, they're both at it Now...

Thanks to Old Holborn for pointing this one out.

Chris Grayling, shadow to Jaqui "keep 'em on a leash" Smith not one to be outdone by the other bunch, has called for "young troublemakers" to be kept under house arrest:

I commented on OH's blog that maybe they would like to identify said youths with yellow stars of David stitched to their clothes.

I just wonder where this pissing contest will end? With everyone except MPs locked up? Martial Law? It doesn't look healthy for any one of us.

Can we please just have some sensible proposals for dealing with anti-social behaviour that doesn't penalise the innocent and actually enforces some sort of penalty on the guilty?

Like I said in the blog about Jaqui Smith, expect the curfew or whatever to start off with youths, then have the age limit continually raised until we're all banged up at home lest we be made criminals.

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