Sunday, 15 February 2009

An introduction


I'm Delphius. What is a Delphius I hear you ask. Its me, it was my nickname at school and its a name I've used throughout life, whereever I've been. Google it and you'll find out quite a lot about me. I don't know why you'd want to do that though.

Anyway, this is my first blog, an introduction.

I'm over 40. I'm unemployed. Married, with kids. I'm mightily pissed off that the great country I saw as a kid has been run into the ground. Throughout my lifetime, I've seen The United Kingdom trashed by the party political system. I'm also concerned about the way the present is shaping the future. I have a knack for reading between the lines, gathering information from different sources and putting them together to predict outcomes. I predicted the riots of the early 80s. I was predicting the bursting of the debt bubble in the early 2000s and said the longer it goes on, the worse it will be and the longer the recovery.

The country I saw in the sixties, has been systematically ruined since then by both Labour and Conservatives. In the seventies it was ruined by the Heath and Wilson governments until Callaghan's Old Labour government ran us onto the rocks in 1978. It was then dragged up by its bootstraps by the Conservatives, by selling off the unprofitable nationalised industries. Then once the grand project was complete they went back to their dogmatic roots, and forgot the small guy.

Then Labour got in in 1997. A new hope we thought. Promising to be like the Conservatives, but with a caring heart. Well, what a load of crap that was.
They went on a pensions fund and insurance raid, costing us, the little man billions. then they taxed us more, to give it us back in tax credits. In effect paying for a whole layer of government that we have to pay for.
The most devastating thing Labour did was to disband the financial regulatory framework the Conservatives left behind. It worked, but I assume the bankers complained at their expensive dinners over caviar and champagne, they could make more money for the country if the shackles were released.
Bingo! We find ourselves in the worst financial crisis for perhaps 100 years. A depression in all but the technical sense.

So, here stands the UK at the dawn of 2009. Almost bankrupt, on the verge of begging funds from the IMF, with no way of generating revenue (no manufacturing or any serious wealth creating economy). Jobs are being shed at record rates. Theres a recruitment drive on at jobcentres around the country to keep up with demand. I know, I've applied for one for those jobs!

I'm angry that my country, a nation that in my lifetime was great, has been reduced to such a level.

Actually, I'm not angry, I'm fucking apoplectic.

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