Thursday, 19 February 2009

Decrease in Tax take, Increase in benefit payouts

Well well, its only taken 2 days for the news I commented on to filter through to the mainstream media.

Seems someone has noticed that theres a huge fall in tax revenues and a corresponding hike in benefit costs. Its bloody obvious Einstein. The housing market has dried up, so stamp duty revenues must be through the floor compared to 2006, plus less income tax and N.I from the hundreds of thousands that joined the dole over the last 6-12 months.

Oh and to answer Tony McNulty who in channel 4s "Dispatches" this week (about what help there is for the unemployed) said that lots of people may be going onto jobseekers, but lots are coming off... well yes they would if their experience is anything like mine. I was on jobseekers for 6 months then had it stopped, because it only gets paid for 6 months, then "reviewed". What that actually meant is that I got nothing, because my missus is expected to support us, even though her wage is less than our rent. So yes, we're dropping off the jobseekers stats, but we're still unemployed McNulty you wanker.

Anyway, back on topic, if this is any indication as to what is to come, its fairly bleeding obvious that we're going to be in a huge deep hole come the end of the year.

Notice how the news has gone quiet on Iceland? Thats because what happens to them now, will happen to us in 12 months time. They had riots and a new Prime Minister. I'm sure we'll have the riots, but as to what happens politically is anyones guess.

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  1. It's a viscious circle as more people on benefits conincides with less people paying tax and earning less as there is less demand for goods and services. The benefit system needs an overhaul so that only those genuinely seeking work or genuinely unable to work receive payouts. I persoanlly think it ought to be put within the hands of the Frinedly Spocieties who issued insurance before the welfare state. On the one han there are no profiteering shareholders, on the other doctors acting for them would have the balls to say that people can return to work or are able to part time. After seeing people with severe disabilities who want to and do work,l it makes me unsympathetic for those with lesser ailments.


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